Century Maple and the Next Generations

Canadian Maple Syrup has been in our family for many generations. While the industry will only continue to grow, we here at Century Maple are ready!

On our family farm and sugar camp, we are implementing upgrades to provide the best Sweet Ontario Maple Syrup to your homes. Beginning with our renovated 1982 sugar camp, we now have an updated building that meets our needs.

Additionally we have installed a new wood burning evaporator which will be better for the environment and will enable us to continue to bring you high-quality syrup. The wood evaporator will also enhance our current all-natural syrup process. Check out our other blog post for further information about our syrup making process.

New Wood Fire Evaporator for the next generations
New Wood Burning Evaporator

We’ve also integrated an all-new pipeline. This pipeline allows for faster and more efficient transport of syrup from our trees. Additionally, this pipeline ensures the sap is boiled directly from the tree as soon as possible, therefore enabling us to create a high-quality product.

We’ve also doubled our number of taps from 1200 to 2400. This has increased our production to produce more syrup. Ultimately, our future goal is to expand our sugar bush and reach 4000 taps.

We are excited and ready for the future generations of Century Maple and our farms.

The Littlest Sugar Maker

Having been passed down through the Gemmill, Wilson and Paul families, making maple syrup on our farms has been in our family for many years. Beth Paul is our littlest sugar maker and will represent the Paul’s fifth generation of making Sweet Ontario Maple Syrup. She is learning alongside her dad and grandfather, Delmer and Erwin Paul who currently make syrup under Century Maple. 

Beth is named after both of her grandmothers and also her great grandmother, Beth Leolla Paul – we love history! Beth is a combination of BEV and THELMABE for BEv, and TH for THelma. And her second name LEOLLA is her great grandmother’s name.

At just eleven years old, Beth does it all! From tapping trees, to fixing pipeline and filling syrup, Beth brings a true family joy to our syrup making process. Beth has grown up in the sugar camp and has always been around to keep her dad and grandfather company. In addition, she loves to ride her four wheeler on the farm and also forage around for plants while also enjoying gardening and hunting.

The future of Century Maple is with Beth and her future family, and we are excited for our family tradition to continue and see what our little girl can bring!

Check out our history page to learn more about our families and future generations!

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