Welcome to Century Maple!

We make maple syrup on our family farm and have done so for over 100 years!

Our syrup is made in the traditional way, over a wood fired evaporator, and with great care to create a quality product. Century Maple has 2400 taps and it is all collected using a pipeline system. Sap is collected at three different locations on the farm and then transported to the sugar camp located at 911 2nd Concession, North Sherbooke, and made into delicious maple syrup.


Our sugar camp and sugar bush is open to the public during the maple season. Come on out for a country drive and experience how maple syrup is made in the Lanark Highlands!

We will be happy to give you a tour, and you can learn about how we make Canada’s signature product!

Please call ahead to ensure that we will be boiling on the day you would like to visit!

Century Maple

Our Products and How to order:

Maple Syrup

(Golden, Amber, Dark)

  • 250 ml - $6.00

  • 500 ml - $10.00

  • 1 Litre - $20.00

  • 2 Litre - $35.00

  • 4 Litre - $65.00

Glass or plastic containers.

Individual custom orders are accepted (wedding favours, special order gifts etc)

Whole sale prices available on request.

Maple Butter

Enjoy this delicious spread on toast, or use it in a variety of ways in your cooking!

  • 250 gram tub - $10.00

  • 300 gram tub - $12.00

  • 340 gram jar - $13.00

Larger quantities by special order. Wholesale Maple butter is also available.

Stirred Maple Sugar

(granulated, for use in baking, on top of oatmeal/cereal in sauces and spice rubs)

  • 125 gram bag - $5.00

  • 450 gram bag - $15.00

Maple Sugar Candy

Melt in your mouth maple sugar candy! A special treat!

  • Small maple leaf (7 grams) - .40 cents each

  • Medium maple leaf (21 grams) - $1.00 each

  • Large Maple sugar leaf (39 grams) - $2.00 each

Wholesale orders available for quantities over 100 pieces. Also available as wedding favours.

Maple Taffy

Made ahead and packaged, simply heat in your microwave and pour on snow or crushed ice for a sweet maple taffy treat!!

  • 300 gram tub - $12.00

Perfect for winter parties, school treats, or special occasions!

Call or e-mail Century Maple to place your order:

Orders can be picked up at the farm, or in Perth, Ontario, or shipped directly to you (additional shipping charges apply)

Our specialties such as maple butter and maple candy are a rage among everyone in the family, kids, and elders alike, because of the fresh and quality ingredients we use to prepare them.

Contact: (613) 278-2931 Business

(613) 812-2931 Cell

E-mail: syrup@centurymaple.ca